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Budny and Rossman – Season 2
(Texas Season)

A binge watching quicky! Watch the full season in 10 minutes and 8 short episodes. The so-called “Texas Season” tells the trip of two ambitous loosers on their way to nowhere, eventually ending up in Texas.

Official Screenings:
2020 – Fest Anca (Pinball)
2016 – Ottawa Int’l Animation Festival (Texas Season)
2017 – Fest Anca (Texas Season)

“Budny an Rossman - Season 2”, 2017
alias “Texas Season”
“Pinball”, Season 3, 2018
this episode is part of Pinball art-installation.

“Paperplane”, 2015
the very first episode!
“Jumpstyle”, 2016
Jumpstyle  Budny