Hi, we are Animationseries2000, an artist-duo from Hamburg, Germany. We are playfully working across a range of media such as animation, illustration, sculpture & comic. Since 2015 we enjoy merging our works in multimedia-based installations.

Our main project is the long-term project of Budny and Rossman Webseries and art-installations that we started in 2015.

You’re welcome to contact us for commissions & inquiries. ︎︎︎ hi@animationseries2000.com

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»Happiness Machine« (solo)
Raum für Illustration, Hamburg,


»100 für 100«
Raum für Illustration, Hamburg,
11/2020 - postponed

»Kunst in der Börse« (group) Handelskammer Hamburg,
11/2020 - postponed

Millerntor Gallery #10,
07/2020 – cancelled

BUDNY AND ROSSMAN are two friends – an ugly, scrawny fox called Rossman and a little blue fat Budny who is also quite ugly. The animated webseries of the same name tells about their painfully normal everyday lives. Budny and Rossman are no heroes, there is no epic clue that has to be solved, no maid to be rescued. Actually they are totally useless, except for their daily consuming: smoking cigarettes, eating pizza and drinking coke...

Since 2015 Budny and Rossman come to life as the protagonists of our art-installations that circle around consumption and pop culture: There are animated commercial spots, tiny handmade editions of Budny and Rossman actionfigures, an anually published »Boring Comic Strips« Series with painfully everyday observations, customized advertisments, merch, and a lot of goodies.
Check out our exhibitions for more.

All images © Animationseries2000.
All rights reserved.


»Happiness Machine« (solo), RFI Gallery, Hamburg

»Knotenpunktfestival«, Affenfaustgalerie, Hamburg

»zine library«, Raum fuer Illustration, Hamburg

»Lass ma cornern«, Heliumcowboy Artspace, Hamburg

»stapled«, Âme Nue, Hamburg

»Nackt Akt Fakt«, Bunkerhill Galerie, Hamburg

»Kunst in der Boerse«, Handelskammer Hamburg

»Living Room«, presented by Bad Art, The Medicine Gallery, London (GB)

»Budny and Rossman – Funpark«, Reeperbahnfestival, Hamburg

»Budny and Rossman Pop-up Shop«, Hamburg Animation Conference, Handelskammer Hamburg

»Addart«, Schipper Company, Hamburg

»Budny and Rossman Shop«, Reeperbahnfestival, Hamburg

»Storage«, Enfants Artspace, Hamburg

»A4 B4 closing«, tonenton artspace, Copenhagen (DK)

»Curatorial Tongues«, tonenton artspace, Copenhagen (DK)

»Animationseries2000 Online Shop«, Comicfestival, Hanseplatte, Hamburg

»Budny and Rossman - shooting stars from the moon«, Reeperbahnfestival, Hamburg

»Texas Mural« Neustadt Festival, Enfants Artspace, Hamburg

»Reeper Reeper 3«, Reeperbahnfestival, Hamburg

»Pinball«, Fest Anca, Slovakia

»Trouble for Breakfast« El Ventilador, Argentinia

»Budny and Rossman - Texas Season«,
Bad Art Festival, London

»Budny and Rossman - Texas Season pt. 1«
Fest Anca, Slovakia

»Budny and Rossman - Texas Season pt. 1« Ottawa int’l  Animation Festival, Canada

»Budny and Rossman - Season 1« Comicfestival, B-Movie, Hamburg

»Budny and Rossman« Reeperbahnfestival, Hamburg

»Budny and Rossman - Season 1«, Hallo Festspiele, Hamburg

Itsnicethat Interview
Itsnicethat weeklycomics April
Impetus magazin #28
salient magazine #4, 2020
artline magazine nord #3, 2020
»Boring Comic Strips - Vol. 3«

Rung Magazine #2
»Kunst in der Boerse«, Catalogue 2019
»Boring Comic Strips - Vol. 2«

»Bad Art Zine« #1
»Boring Comic Strips, Vol. 1«

Szene Hamburg, 11/2017
»Storage«, zine
»A kind of nonsense«, zine

»new city«, Catalogue, Enfants Artspace,
»Animationseries2000 summer issue 2016«, zine