photo: Tomas Engel
“The artist duo Animationseries2000 deals cross-media with aspects of consumer culture that are quoted and alienated. It deals with the processing of the trivial. Objects, paintings and animations are created which find expression in audio-visual installations. Product icons are taken up in the form of objects and paintings and reappear in 2d-digital animated commercials. „Budny Rossman Kiosk“ thus functions as a link between the web series of the same name and the objects and figures transferred from this world. In the web series „Budny and Rossman“, the world of the characters of the same name revolves around the everyday. Budny - the small, thick, blue one with the glasses plaster, and Rossman, the gangly, pimpled fox with the milk beard, are pimping all day long. Always with a cigarette in their mouths, the two protagonists are observed consuming everyday.”