For DIE ZEIT, "Entdecken" section, we have illustrated several poetic stories about the everyday. We especially enjoyed translating the fun we had whilest reading these stories into humerous illustrations with a twist of absurdity. ︎

“May i?”
About helping parents with their technical issues. 
DIE ZEIT #53, 2021

About the persistent popularity of TV magazines, even though TV and print both have been declared to be dead.
DIE ZEIT #27, 2023

"Are you even real?"
About fake chat-profiles of dating portals that promise real love. DIE ZEIT #3, 2021

“Is there really anything to win?”
About sweepstakes.
DIE ZEIT #35, 2021

About gift vouchers that are destined to be never cashed.
1) printed version. 2) discarded version.
DIE ZEIT #1 2024