“The Hamburg-based duo Animationseries2000 reflect the poignant issues of our time with dark humor and retrofuturist-minimalist animations and installations. Their recent project HUMAN SIMULATOR is their meta take on consumerism; the “game” works within a system of flattened, binary paradigms, which, through their simplicity, serve all the more to underscore certain realities common to us all.”

HUMAN SIMULATOR was presented by curators ZW°, inside a mobile exhibition space.
HUMAN SIMULATOR was part of Reeperbahn Festival, MS Artville, 48h Wilhelmsburg and exhibited at several public spaces in Hamburg in 2021.
It was also screened at tactus Athens Digital Arts Festival (GR) and featured in SWARM MAG (CZ) in 2021.

HUMAN SIMULATOR is an animation depicting a fictitious computer game. The visitors are guided through various game sequences. The game demonstrates the emotional implications of being human in a humorous way. In different game modes, the aim is to maintain the right balance between different emotions. The goal is to avoid an emotional downward spiral and to escape the countdown of »human time« for as long as possible. The actions of the players consist of social interactions that are often linked to consumerist behaviours.

@Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg

@MSArtville & several public places, Hamburg